History of GPS (Global Positioning System)

GPS, or Global Positioning System has been operational since December 1993, but its history lies much further back to the 1940s when ground based navigation systems such as Decca Navigator began. This, while it planted the seed of inspiration would not take another step forward until the 1957 launch of the first Sputnik by the Soviet union showed that satellites were a possibility.

In the beginning the system was only intended for military use, but that changed in 1983 when a Soviet interceptor plane shot down a civilian aircraft in restricted Soviet space killing all on board, after the craft had mistakenly wandered off course. This was something that GPS could have prevented, and so President Reagan soon announced that GPS would be available for all once it was complete.
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Garmin And Magellan GPS Review

Indisputably, Garmin is the world’s biggest manufacturer of consumer gps and the name has almost become synonymous with the product. The company has a long and envious history of producing quality and versatile GPS. Garmin has produced many kinds of GPS – some for automobiles, hikers, etc. Within each category there are different models to suit every activity.

For example the Garmin StreetPilot c340 has a text to speech functionality. So you have the added advantage of hands free operation and then the ability to concentrate on the road whilst driving and not looking at the GPS display to see what is written there. This mode of operation can take complex commands such as Turn Right at Next Intersection. This feature is a big plus for people who need to keep looking ahead on the road whilst driving fast.
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How About A Gps System For Your Car?

Can you remember taking trips by car trying to read those directions while trying to drive? Or perhaps you carried a bulky atlas or relied on your own intuition to get you where you wanted to go. Fortunately, your driving experience can be better now.

Times have changed and GPS automobile navigation systems are readily available and perfectly capable of taking you wherever you want to go. Newer automobiles come complete with GPS systems built in but you can purchase a system separately for any vehicle you own.
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Gps Auto Navigation System Safety

If you have installed a GPS auto navigation system in your car, then you should follow a few simple rules when driving in order to maximize your safety on the road. It doesn’t matter whether you are a long distance driver using the GPS auto navigation system to plan the most efficient route possible, or just using your satellite navigation system to find a route around the traffic problems in your home town, the rules for using GPS systems safely are the same.

The first thing to check before you set off on your journey is to make sure that the GPS receiver is firmly mounted. If you have a windshield mounted receiver that uses a suction cup to hold it in place, make sure that it is firmly attached, while if your GPS receiver is mounted on the dash, check it to ensure that it is not going to fall off.
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Gps Receivers Explained

By now, you’ve likely heard about this hot new technology called GPS. Handheld GPS receivers are popular items that are being used by everyone from outdoors enthusiasts to average drivers. But, how many of us really understand the technology behind these modern-day marvels?

There is a whole lot of power and capability packed into a GPS receiver. They are linked to complex satellite systems in outer space, providing a reliable navigational system to users on earth. Many new cars have GPS receivers included as standard equipment. Hikers use them to find their destinations, and treasure hunters rely on them for Geocaching excursions.
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